Journey Through Joshua Trees

A place of tranquil inspiration


Majestic and awe inspiring landscapes unfold before you in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of wonder and enchantment.

Gazing across the panoramic views of Joshua Tree National Park, one is immediately struck by an incredible desert cathedral for the soul. Landscapes dotted with Joshua Trees, creosote bushes, juniper and yuccas sprinkled in, amid soaring and prominent rock formations create an enchanting Orwellian/Dr. Seussian world that's like no other place on earth.

As you sit atop one of the many granite towers that cover the park one can immediately see why this has long been a place of quiet reflection, meditation, discovery and inspiration. Musicians have sung about it; from Graham Parsons to U2 to the Eagles. The desert has provided an unending stream of musical greatness. Artists have long been painting and photographing the wonders offered by this mysterious and enchanting place. It is the place that Hollywood has found to provide some of its most spectacular backdrops and locations found in countless film and television shows. Even the A-listers, socialites and philanthropists, have found a place here among the rocks and Joshua Trees to escape the chaos of their everyday lives and find moments of peace and solitude. For the climbers, hikers, and campers this eco-playground provides and unending array of opportunities. The wildlife, plants, history and geologic wonders are like long-lost friends for those with an interest in the natural sciences.

It is truly a place of wonder and discovery. For the unindoctrinated, you may not believe that this place nestled between the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts could hold anything of interest for you. I would say, reserve those beliefs until you have stood atop one of the many peaks and experienced one of the stunning sunsets that are visited upon this land every day. Find your quiet sanctuary in the sun, nestled among the many rock formations.

This is a place that has called to many and captured the spirit and soul of those who have visited. It has found a way of calling those who have experienced the magic here back, again and again. It is a place with something for everyone. It is a place that once experienced, will never be forgotten. Come stay, explore, find your center and take a journey in this incredible place. For more information on the wonders of Joshua Tree or to plan and book your own customized desert journey, visit Joshua Tree Excursions. Remember; Life is about Journey's, not Destinations


Written by Kelly Crawford

Kelly is the founder/CEO at Joshua Tree Excursions, a veteran-owned and operated outdoor ECO adventure tour company.

Kelly Crawford