It’s about the Journey…


Kelly Crawford is the founder/CEO at Joshua Tree Excursions (29 Trail Tours, LLC), a veteran-owned and operated outdoor ECO adventure tour company.

Joshua Tree Excursions is built on the concept that life is about journeys, not destinations. We believe that every experience should be as unique and personalized as you. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our guests with private customized trips in one of the most majestic places in the country- Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding Mojave desert.

Your personalized tour will provide you with a unique, up-close opportunity to see and experience the beauty and majesty of the National Park. Incredible rock formations, panoramic landscapes and breathtaking sunsets are only a few of the treasures that await you. Your day of discovery will introduce you to the adaptive plants and interesting wildlife, along with the history, geology and ecology that makes Joshua Tree one of the most interesting destinations in the country.

The Joshua Tree Excursion team provides unparalleled discovery opportunities for all types of explorers- from the novice hiker to the experienced, eco-backcountry adventurer- we cater to all and will personalize your journey based on your individual needs and capabilities. From small intimate hiking excursions for couples to larger group outings; from day trips to extended backpacking adventures and photographic expeditions, we will build you the perfect Joshua Tree experience.

Our Mission

Provide one of a kind, memorable, personalized, Hi-Desert hiking, camping or backpacking experiences, for locals and visitors alike.